Festival of Lights Walkthrough

Hello everyone!

Today the CPR team released the newest party update, The Festival of Lights! There are several new items and stamps to obtain, as well as some very cool room decorations. So let’s check it out. Click continue reading for our full post

When you first log on, head to the Snow forts, where you can pick up the Eclipse glasses.


Next, head to the Forest where you can board a hot air balloon that will take you to a mountain peak! Just click on the doors to get going.

After about two minutes you will arrive at the top of the mountain peak. Doing this should obtain a stamp, however at the making of this post it is currently bugged and doesn’t work, but I’m sure the team will have it fixed shortly.

*Edit* This has been fixed and once you step off the balloon you can obtain the mountaineer pin

Once you get off, there will be a jet pack you can get! However, this item is not free, it costs 350 coins which, in hindsight, is a pretty good deal on a jetpack. (Plus it doesn’t actually take any money out of your account so it’s actually still free)


Although that is all the items you can get for now, definitely waddle around the island and check out all the very cool decorated rooms and all the cool music that the CPR team has done a great job of working on.

Also the CP Times hinted at a Jet Pack Guy appearance in the recent paper:

So our trackers will be on full alert, waiting to track JPG’s every moment just for you! All you have to do is log on to our discord and follow the channel #mascot-updates and you can meet one of the hardest mascots out there!


And that’s all for now!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team


Author: LσяdNιиja

Here to help with all your CPR needs! You will usually find me on the server Sleet. Join our discord at https://discord.gg/3x8467W

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