Holiday Party Walkthrough

Hello Friends, and Happy Holidays!

CPR has kicked off the Holiday season with a great Holiday Party with some amazing gifts that you can receive now, and some that are still yet to be opened! So let’s dive into this amazing party and start off the Holiday season with a bang! Click continue reading for our full post.

When we first log on, Aunt Arctic appears and starts talking to us. (Is this a hint that she will visit us on the island? Time will tell!)

Rockhopper has disappeared eh? Well let’s not worry about that for the moment, I’m sure he’s off enjoying some cream soda or something. Let’s click that present button on the top right like AA suggested.

Here we can see rewards we can collect for giving, we earn this as a community. And goals we can collect by doing tasks, we earn these individually.


Let’s give some money to start, hopefully our bit can help the community so we can hit those goals faster and collect those rewards!

All you have to do is walk up to one of these Coin for Change pots and choose where you would like to donate, and how much, the more the better!

If you are able to give 10,000, you will receive three stamps! As well as a new pin!


*Note* You will not get the Top Volunteer stamp (5k coins) if you give 1,000 five separate times, you must give with one payment of 10,000.

After you’ve given as much as you please, head over to Rockhopper’s ship and down into the hold. Then click on the piece of paper in the bottom right corner to access Rockhopper’s Rare Item’s shop!

There’s one secret item, pictured below.

*Note* for all the furniture items you can purchase up to 99 of them as is the case with all furniture items.

Next, head over to the ski village to claim your first free item, Reindeer Antlers!


Next if we check our Checklist by clicking the present in the top right and then clicking the checklist we see need to go Skating with our puffle. All you have to do is go to your igloo pick up your puffle and take it to the ice rink!

The next checklist item will be available tomorrow. It’s donating another 10,000 coins so make sure to save up!

Next head to the Book Room which is just upstairs from the Coffee Shop, and you can claim the Santa Seat background by clicking on the camera!

Next leave the Book Room and head next door to the Night Club and again head upstairs to Santa’s workshop!

Then head up the stairs to the Sleigh Ride. This is a very simple game, which requires just a bit of timing, you can mess up as many times as you need to. You just need to drop 15 presents down chimneys and you will earn your prize, a Santa’s Bag, which will appear in the top right.

*Note* if you already have this from previous years like myself, or have already received it from this year, you will just receive a sign saying Happy Holidays or other festive sayings. 


Next if you head to the plaza you can claim the pin for the next two weeks which is the Christmas Stocking pin! It is found hiding behind the Chrismas tree at the bottom of the screen.


While in the plaza you can discover a “secret” new party room that can be accessible from both the plaza and the town!

Pretty neat if you ask me!

Lastly, there is one more stamp we can acquire. If you don’t already have the tree outfit, go buy it from the Penguin Style. Then wear the tree and only the tree, and find a room with other trees. You need at least 10 trees in a room in order to earn the Tree Mob stamp!

If you need help finding others, I recommend joining a larger server like Blizzard with many people on it. Or join our discord to coordinate it with others! We have many members who are willing to help others out!

That’s all for this post! Make sure to check back every day to find out what extra rewards have been unlocked from the community achievements and to find out what new checklist items you need to complete!

Make sure to join our discord (link below) for up to the second tracking on Rockhopper and possibly Aunt Arctic an any other mascots that may show up for the holiday season. Or join just to talk with others, coordinate stamp events and anything else CPR related!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team



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Here to help with all your CPR needs! You will usually find me on the server Sleet. Join our discord at

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