Field-Op Walkthrough 12/13/19

Attention agents, Fliberjig1 here!

Gary believes he has picked up a breach in the E.P.F. system. He needs our help to bring whatever piece of technology that fell offline, back online and make sure everything is safe! continue reading to see how you can help!

Dec 2019 Field Op mission - cprewritten

Club Penguin Rewritten released the Field-Op early, so if you get the fist image, the location will be the first location listed.

When you first login, head to the command room for your orders from G.

Dec 2019 Field Op location - cprewritten

Head to the plaza where I stand above!

Either that first image, or it will be here at the cave mine.
For both Field-Op locations will be the same mission, to break the code, so there’s nothing new except the message from G. after you complete it.

Your mission requires you to “BREAK THE CODE!”

Dec 2019 Field Op field-op-complete - cprewritten

“Red means that symbol is not in any of the slots and that it is wrong. Yellow means that symbol is the right symbol but is in the wrong spot. Green means that symbol is correctly placed.”

Club Penguin Wiki;

I personally use the first column to indicate the number of clicks for each shape. In the process of being my first guess, it’s also going to tell me which shape(s) aren’t used.

Dec 2019 Field Op finish - cprewritten

According to this message by Gary, it was only an accidental false-alarm. I also seem to be having some déjà vu… Just me? Okay!

The rest of the message from Gary reads, “…This plan was a bust, time to start over.”
So it seems that the breach we picked up was nothing more than holiday greeting from Herbert himself. I guess even he can’t turn down the festive season. Speaking of which, here’s a gift from us for all your hard work. Take and enjoy these 25 Elite Medals”

Thank you all so much for reading I hope you found what you were looking for. Be sure to check out our official Discord which will be linked below! I will see you all in the next post of whatever I make. Waddle on!

-CPR Cheats Team

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