September 2019 EPF Field Ops Walkthrough

Hello penguins! After of being offline for literally over 2 years, the Field Ops are now back online! There are two different versions for this field op, and so we’ll be going over both ways. Continue reading for more…

When you first login, you’ll notice that your EPF phone on the bottom left of your screen has a notification. Click it and teleport to the EPF command room where you can then start the field op. Read very carefully from here:

Now the version of the field op you get varies from person to person. Once you click the field ops sign in the command room, pay attention to what Gary says. If he says something about checking the computers around the island, then head over to the Cave Mine (where people mine for coins) to the computer on the bottom right. If he says something about a dispatched signal, then go to the Ski Hill. Once you go to one of these rooms your EPF phone should be blinking green. Click it to start your puzzle.

We will be starting off with the puzzle at the Cave Mine, scroll below for the Ski Hill puzzle.

Note: The mazes are completely random!

So to complete this maze you have to get the robot to hit all the checkpoints using the direction buttons on the bottom left. Click the “Left” to turn 90° counter clockwise, and “Right” to turn 90° clockwise, and forward to advance the space you are facing at the given moment. Moving left or right does not move you from your current tile, as it only rotates the direction your robot goes. For example, for me the reach the nearest red target, the instructions I would give are: Forward (three times), Left once, and then Forward twice. Note that you can only send 5 sets of commands, before you lose the bot. I recommend you try to add the commands at once to reach target, rather than doing one at a time. It’s a little tricky at first, but becomes a little easier as you work through it. Repeat this until you have hit all the red targets.

Ski Hill puzzle:

Results will vary

To solve this puzzle you basically have to crack the code by selecting four correct symbols. You’ll notice that after scanning different lights appear. Red means that the symbol is not in any of the slots and it is in the wrong slot, Yellow means that it is the correct symbol but in the wrong slot, and Green means that it is correctly placed. The goal is to select the four right symbols and you have seven tries to do so. It seems like a hit or miss and involves a little bit of luck, but with enough guesses it shouldn’t be too difficult.

And that’s it! Once you complete your respective puzzle you will receive 5 medals for completing this field op. You can collect enough medals to spend for Elite Gear.

That’s all for now! If you have any questions about any of these puzzles, feel free to stop by on our discord where we will gladly be able to help you out.

Until next time,

-CPR Cheats Team



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