September 2019 Penguin Style Cheats / New Friends List Update

Hey everyone! Ninja here!

CPR did some multitasking today and released to updates into one! We now have a new penguin style with new styles and all that jazz. We also have a small update to the friends list! So let’s check both of those out. Click continue reading for the full post!

Let’s go through the Penguin Style cheats first, we will go page by page and left to right for each page:

And left to right:


Next Page:

Left to right:

Open and close this secret multiple times for a special surprise 😉

Last page:

Left to right:

Also make sure to click back a couple pages to get the exclusive item of the month and the Penguins at work outfit! (Special dance included)

Now let’s talk about the small friends list update, it’s not a large update, but it does clean up the friends list a little bit more. If you click on your friends list, you will now have the face of your friend’s penguin pop up next to it. It’s a very small but a very clean update that bring a fresh new look to the friends list.

Shoutout to Kidguin for being online

Make sure to join our discord chat below to talk with many other CPR fans about all things CPR!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team



Author: LσяdNιиja

Here to help with all your CPR needs! You will usually find me on the server Sleet. Join our discord at

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