Summer Luau Walkthrough

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Hey everyone! The new summer luau party is here with some fun new decorated rooms and new free items! Click continue reading for our full walkthrough!

This party is a simple one, in the fact that there aren’t really any puzzles to figure out. But there are many new decorated rooms, and a good amount of free items that we will be discussing in this post.

First off head to the plaza to collect the coffee apron.

Next head to the cove to collect the inflatable duck.

Next you can head on over to the Coffee Shop and collect the Yellow Snorkel!

Then waddle on over to the beach and collect the Seashell belt!

Lastly for items, head down to the boiler room and collect the Watermelon pin!

CPR has also finally made the Stunt Penguin stamps available! All you have to do is head to the Stadium and run through the obstacle course!

Last but not least, there is a new room. The whale room is accessible through the iceberg, just click on that conspicuous blue object on the left side of the screen.

That’s all for this party! Let us know how you like the decorations and the party in general down below in the comments. Also you never know if a mascot will show up, so be sure to join our mascot tracker by clicking this link.

That’s all for now!

Until next time, Waddle on!

-CPR Cheats Team


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