Medieval Party 2019 Walkthrough

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Howdy everyone! After a few days of delay, the Medieval party has finally arrived and we’ve got you covered for the full guide right here. This post is a little lengthy due to the amount of updates this party brings, so click “Read More” to continue reading! The Medieval party is one of my all time favorites, so let’s see if it lives up to the hype!

The new pin is located in the Beach by the table, it is a Amethyst

There is only one hidden item in the party catalog that is the Tiara

Now it’s time for the Three Quests! To get started, click on the poster on the bottom left in the Plaza. They aren’t too particularly hard, so follow the directions carefully to ensure you are successful. We’re going to go in order starting from Quest 1.


In Challenge 1, all you have to do is hit all the switches on the lights as pictured below:

In Challenge 2, throw snowballs at the target 50 times. There is also a free item to be collected here:

In Challenge 3 you are approached by a maze. First collect the free item, and follow the steps here in this specific order very carefully: Down, Left, Down, Right, Right, Up

If done correctly you will have reached the end of Quest 1 and can receive the golden armor:

You should also have gotten the Out at Sea stamp for clearing Quest 1:


In the first room just Spam “T” to throw snowballs until the fires have been taken out on the four corners of your screen:

In the second room there is a key puzzle to unlock a button. Follow the path here very carefully to unlock the next room:

This can differ from time to time, and you may not get this exact match, if you’re having trouble, head over to our discord and ask for help, we’ll more more than happy to help you out! (Link at bottom of post)

In the third room is a free horse:

In the fourth room is a dragon fight. The way this works is you charge the barrel at the top with water by repeatedly throwing snowballs at it until it is filled all the way. Once the barrel is filled, The cannon will light up green and then you click it to release water at the dragon. Do this several times until the dragon is defeated to reach the end of Quest 2. Tip: Hold “T” and spam click to fill it up faster

At the end there is a Dragon’s Gold furniture item and a Toothbrush to wash your mouth

You can collect up to 99 of the Dragon’s gold item

You should also have gotten the Party Puzzle stamp:


The first challenge for this quest is a little tricky at first. As the sign reads, basically you have to correctly spot the color gem that is asks you for. Since it doesn’t tell you which one before it is switched up, this challenge requires a bit of a strong memory.  A strategy for this I advise is to stick with one color first and remember it, then if it asks you for a different color you’ll have a 50/50 chance of getting it correct. The order is completely random, so take your time and concentrate with this one (if you have a bad memory like I do.) The next room unlocks once you’ve found each of the colors once

In Challenge 2, you will have to press specific buttons to reach across the other side. Here is the solution to follow very carefully. There is also a free item to get in this room:

In the Challenge 3 room there is a free item Staff and shield. At this point you will need to put on the full yellow knight armor that you have attained so far, (head, body, and arms) as you will need it for the next battle

Now that you’re ready, it’s time to fight the hydras! Here’s what you need to know to defeat each of them:

Yellow: Return your attacks with your shield to destroy it

Red: Just attack it with snowballs lolz

Blue: Throw snowballs at the pot above with the lava for it to release

Once you do that, waddle over to the next room and then… congratulations! You are now a Medieval Knight and have successfully completed all 3 quests! Go ahead and pick up your last item…

ohai Kidguin

….But what’s this?? We aren’t done yet! That’s right, there’s one more thing to do and that’s to defeat the almighty Dragon Queen! To get there, go back into the room with all the quests and you’ll see an entrance to the “Magic Quest”. w0ah

Follow the path and you are taken to a mysterious room with crystals.. Make sure you collect all of em, because you’re about to face the wrath of the dragon queen. Here’s the blueprint on exactly how to take her down:

Collect all the crystals in this room to unlock the door

Here’s what you basically have to do to take her down:

  1. Never stand directly in front of her. Always move to the opposite corner of the direction she heads towards. If you get caught with her attacks, you are sent back to the crystal room and have to restart the whole battle over :pensiveclown:
  2. Once you are in a good position, hold “T” and click to spam snowballs to attack

me in class tbh

That’s pretty much it, as long as you can dodge her attacks and keep attacking with snowballs for a good few minutes it seems pretty straightforward.  Once you finally defeat her, you are taken a room where your can retrieve the Claw of The Dragon Queen Pin and end it once and for all:

Finally, some new updates on the igloo contest: If you’re satisfied with your igloo and think it’s ready for submission for the igloo contest, just head to your igloo and click this little icon to have it submitted!

If you would like more time, and help editing your igloo, head over to our discord (link below) to chat with others and get more opinions! Be sure to enter you igloo before the deadline of the 15th!

If you would like a more visual guide to this walkthrough, our very own Fliberjig1 from our team has made us an awesome walkthrough for you guys:

Anddd now we are done! Whew! If you’d like to receive notifications when Rory and Gary comes on the island, be sure to hop on our discord and we will gladly be able to help you out. Please also follow our Twitter for updates as well, we’re trying to go viral. What did you guys think of this party? Was it worth the wait? Let us know in our server!

Until next time,

-CPR Cheats Team










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