New News and…A Mystery

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Hello Everyone!

It’s your favorite pal Ninja again. Today we have a new newspaper and a slight update with some interesting information being released. This opens up a wide variety of things that can happen in the future.  Click continue reading for the full post!

Alright we will first go over the upcoming events and then we will speculate over the mystery at foot. If we flip to the second-to-last page we see all the upcoming events are occurring Thursday June 13th (so hopefully in a couple hours or so)

  1. A new play is coming! We have no idea what it is, but a new play means new costumes! Be sure to check in soon to see what this new play is and if there are any secrets!
  2. New furniture catalog and igloo catalog! We will soon be able to buy new furniture for our igloos and new igloos completely! Probably adventure themed as the penguin style selection suggests. But who knows! Be sure to check in soon to see the full cheats and rundown of the catalog!


And now to the good stuff. The mystery. Flip to the third page of the newspaper to read about it.

Hmm, the cream soda has disappeared. The last of the island. Here are our clues given in the newspaper.

Clue 1: There was a force entry.

Clue 2: The perpetrator knew where the soda was kept.

Clue 3: The criminal must have a weird obsession with cream soda, as a normal penguin would take the pizza.

Let’s head over to the pizza parlor to see if we can pick up any more clues for ourselves.

Hmm, very interesting. Two bits of evidence. In one corner we see where the cream soda was and some spillage. Then in the top of the screen we see a cracked door, which I think provides the most evidence. I as a normal sized penguin am not able to reach the top of that door. So you would either need a massively large penguin to reach the cracked spot, or something else.

So we have an added clue.

Clue 4: The culprit is either large, or used a tool to reach the top part of the window.


These clues give us a pretty short suspect list. Let’s go through it:


Suspect Number 1: Rockhopper 

Image result for rockhopper club penguin

Evidence For:

  • LOVES Cream Soda, as he is a pirate and that is practically all they drink.
  • He would know exactly where the islands storage of cream soda is.

Evidence Against:

  • Rockhopper has never been shown to be the aggressive type to break a window and steal things.
  • He is not know to be remarkable tall, perhaps he used some sailing tool perhaps?
  • Rockhopper usually comes and visits for a while, his ship does not travel that fast and is usually visible from the telescope, so why didn’t we see it this time?


Suspect Number 2: Herbert P. Bear (Esquire) 

Image result for herbert club penguin

Evidence For:

  • Very tall and aggressive personality, first person you would think of on the island that would actually break a window.
  • He would probably rather take cream soda than pizza which has meat on it, as he is a hardcore vegetarian
  • If Herbert has been spying on us all this time, it wouldn’t surprise us that he knows exactly where the cream soda has been hidden.

Evidence Against:

  • What in the world would Herbert need cream soda for? This is the part that doesn’t quite add up, but we all know Herbert and his meandering ways, he can turn anything into a form of trouble.


The evidence is currently stacked in Herbert’s favor and he seems the most likely in my opinion, however there is one more option that I would like to throw out there.

Suspect Number 3: LordNinja24

No real evidence for or against, zippy is just suspicious for some reason, moving along.


Suspect Number 4: Unknown Criminal 

There is a chance that CPR is bringing a totally new character to the story, and we know absolutely nothing about this penguin. The chances are slim, but it is a fun idea to think about.

Nonetheless with all this speculation we could be totally wrong! But one thing we are fairly sure about; The next party is most likely an Adventure Party! The catalog suggests this and this new twist suggests a plot for the party. However with Herbert being a possibility of a suspect it could be a secret agent party or something totally different. We shall see how it plays out.

Who do YOU think did it? Let us know in the comments below! Give us your proof and your evidence! If you would like to have more in depth discussions join our discord to chat with other members and share your opinions!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team





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