New Adventure Party Items


Hey penguin pals, it’s your boi zippy here. Today the CPR team has released a couple new items in the Adventure party catalog, some free items, and a cool secret igloo! If you missed the original walkthrough, then click here for the detailed walkthrough. This post is a little lengthy, so click read more to continue.

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New Pin 6-22-19


Hey y’all!

Along with the party a new pin has been released, and it’s a fairly difficult one, I only came across it by accident. You can find it at the beach, between Rockhopper’s ship and the Lighthouse.

That’s all for now!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team

Adventure Party Walkthrough/ All Barrel Locations

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Hey penguins!

The Adventure Party has finally arrived to Club Penguin Rewritten!! This party is quite large, so bear with the long post. There is much to explain and much to explain after that, since this is a large party. Here’s the full rundown. Continue reading “Adventure Party Walkthrough/ All Barrel Locations”

CPR Rockhopper Tracker

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*this is a sticky post, to see the Adventure Party Cheats post just scroll down*

Hey everyone!

The Adventure party is upon us! And with that, Rockhopper has been confirmed to visit! We have the fastest tracker in the west.

So, I’d love to help you guys (and myself) find him. To join our Rockhopper Tracker just join our discord by clicking this link:

First click on the channel #mascot-roles on the left side of the chat, click the Rockhopper emoji under the message.

This makes sure you get updated whenever, so if you have the discord app on your phone you can be updated of mascots location wherever you go!

Then click on the channel #mascot-updates. There our team will be updating everyone on Rockhopper’s locations as soon as he logs in! Also to get more tips and tricks on how to meet the mascots and grab their exclusive bg, click here for an extensive post on tips and tricks on how to be a better mascot tracker. Good luck you guys!

Until Next Time! Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team

New Information and Updates

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Hey everyone! Ninja here.

Today the newspaper came out talking about some more information about the upcoming party and some other events occurring in the near future. Click continue reading for the full rundown!

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Introducing, The Scope Gang

Hello Everyone!

This won’t be too long of a post but I just wanted to make you aware of a new thing we here at CPR Cheats are starting. This was brought about by trying to advertise our discord as we are almost and 2,000 members and would love to speed up the process, as we have a massive party in the works to celebrate. (So, if you haven’t joined, join today!)

So in order to do that and to improve activeness among other members in our discord we are introducing: The Scope Gang. This is a pretty simple and mostly fun concept. You’ve heard of and seen the Pizza Bois and the Mopia, who go around doing certain dances in large groups. Well we are starting our own! And we would love to have you join our Scope Gang. It will be super fun and we’d love to have you join. In order to join you must.

  1. Play Club Penguin Rewritten
  2. Be able to have fun.
  3. Have a discord.

And that’s it! The full details and explanation will be in our discord in #scope-gang-info and if you have any questions after that, feel free to ask any staff members (admins or mods) Click this link to join our discord!

The very first Scope Gang event.

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team

New News and…A Mystery

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Hello Everyone!

It’s your favorite pal Ninja again. Today we have a new newspaper and a slight update with some interesting information being released. This opens up a wide variety of things that can happen in the future.  Click continue reading for the full post! Continue reading “New News and…A Mystery”