Ninja’s Top 10 – Volume I


Hey everyone!

Today begins the first installment of Ninjas Top 10! I got a lot of submissions and we have a lot of funny/cool stuff to see so let’s get right into it! Click continue reading!

#10: This Penguin who clearly loves The Office


credit: LordNinja


#9: This penguin who seems to feel very strongly about crocs

I bet crocs are the yee to his haw amirite

credit: Zodiac


#8: Finally a movement we can all get behind

Never did understand the craze anyways, they’re kinda stupid tbh

credit: Jas


#7: This pun CP hid in a mission

I bet they put their heart and sole into that pun

credit: Agent


#6: This penguin that obviously has strong feelings for their Dad

and mom, can’t forget her either

credit: Steph


#5: This meme that really hits home to our souls, thank you Rory, for putting it into words.

So the scale goes cucumber sandwich, pickle…then what? pickle sandwich???

credit: Jas


#4: This penguin who speaks on behalf of all of us really

we really need to just start a rebellion tbh, those poor plants

credit: LordNinja


#3: The fact that CPR is now just therapy for some of us (seems legit)

“yes hello, my problem I need therapy for is that I play CPR too much, can u help? Oh that’s not an actual problem? perfect” Also @ “i need to medicate more” penguin: u alright?????

credit: Sadtiro


#2: The accuracy of this meme

Why does this have to apply so hard to me

credit: Jas


#1: This fiery insult that we should just all start using from now on

Well dang stass, u may just wanna invest in some breath mints.

credit: Agent


Congrats to everyone who got featured! We’d love to see more people get on here! If you ever see something funny or cool happen on CP, screenshot it and send it to me! Or if you don’t know how to screenshot just take a picture with your phone! I don’t care the quality, just as long as it’s hilarious! We also love memes, custom memes and roasts of the staff (ie moderators and owners on the chat). So send your funny and cool stuff to me (LordNinja) on discord and you might just make it on here!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team

Author: LσяdNιиja

Here to help with all your CPR needs! You will usually find me on the server Sleet. Join our discord at

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