CP Rewritten Cheats Update

Hey penguins, Zippy here. It’s been quite a while since my last post here back when CPR announced their first closure. I just wanted to announce a few things regarding the status of this website now.

Yes, I am aware CPR has revived a month or two after they shut down. When I first heard the news I was shocked to say the least.  When I made my last post, around this time I began playing CPR less and less. I began losing a bit interest in blogging due to my busy schedule in real life and just couldn’t keep up with the updates anymore. It is very hard being a college student now and still blogging about Club Penguin if you just don’t have the interest anymore. That’s why I decided to depart for good when the game shut down.

When CPR closed I decided to leave this website open for archival purposes and didn’t plan to release new content.  But then my author at the time, Mr Max, volunteered to keep the blog going for other servers. I’d imagine soon he didn’t have the time anymore as well and thus we can’t guarantee that we’ll be posting anything new as of now.

I in fact still do play Rewritten and you may catch me online here and there, but don’t expect anything new on this website. There are plenty of other sites dedicated for CPR cheats that you may find on the internet. I hope that during the first run of CPR you’ve found this blog somewhat useful and begin to explore the game more.

I would just like to give a big shutout to the CPR team for making this all possible. Thank you for continuing to support the game and remake it after my childhood game. It’s been an honor for playing this long and posting about it.

Anyways, I just thought I’d leave you guys with a little update post because we’ve been inactive for quite some time and we really do appreciate you still visiting (if you still do). One day I might be able to return to full time posting whenever I have the time again. Thank you all for visiting CPR cheats and I hope to see you all on the game some time.


(P.S. I’m going to try and still update the pages whenever I can. If there’s anything in the past you’d like to see from CPR let me know and i’ll try to compile a image album of old stuff.)

(P.SS. Rockhopper has arrived for the new party! There is also a new gem pin at the Ski Village!)

(1/18/19THANK YOU FOR 1 MILLION HITS!!! You guys are awesome! )

Author: zippy

I created CPRCheats.com three weeks after CP Rewritten's launch. I usually log on to Zipline whenever I come online.

6 thoughts on “CP Rewritten Cheats Update”

  1. Hello I’m interested in continuing posting on this site, since it is still one of the top cheats sites for CPR and I am very knowledgeable in CPR. If you are able to just message me on discord at LordNinja24#3125 If I’m not able please just comment back on here so I can know. Thank you!


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