Club Penguin Rewritten Waddle On Party – FULL GUIDE/CHEATS

The final ever Club Penguin Rewritten Party has arrived, and I have you covered with this complete cheats guide.

Lightshot screenshot

There are several free items available at the Waddle On Party – the first item  being the Alumni Jacket which you can pick up at the Town.

The Club Penguin Rewritten Pin can be picked up at the Snow Forts!

To get the Boombox, go to the Dance Lounge above the Nightclub, and then head to the Rooftop.

Cadence and Penguin Band are also at the party, and you can meet them at the Nightclub and Dock! If you click on them, you can get their backgrounds!

Rockhopper is has also visited for one final time, and you can get some new items from the Ship Hold, including the Puffle Bandana for free!

Finally, with enough penguins, you can TIP the Iceberg! You can then get the Beta Party Hat for free.

That’s all the cheats for this party – which lasts Sunday 4th March! After this, the CP Rewritten servers will be shutdown forever.

However, there are many other great CPPS’ that the community are moving to, and I will be continuing with blog posts here on them! These will include CP Online, CP Universe and Pengur!

Mr Max

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