Club Penguin Rewritten is Shutting Down: What Next…

Hi everyone! As many of you already know, the CP Rewritten team have announced that they are closing the game down in just over one weeks time. Therefore, I’ve making this post to explain what the future of this cheats blog will be!

A couple of days ago, the CPR staff released a statement on the official website stating the game will close on March 4th, and announcing a final Waddle On Party starting tomorrow:

There will be one last party, The Waddle On Party, which will take place Feb. 28 — Mar. 4.
At exactly Mar. 4, 14:00 Penguin Standard Time (or 21:00 GMT), the servers will be shutdown.
You can check the Clock Tower located at the Snow Forts.

After the closure of CPR, I will be moving to another CPPS along with the majority of the community. I’m not 100% sure which CPPS this will be yet, but I will continue to post cheats and walk-through’s for whichever game people move to.

My favourite one right now is Club Penguin Online, and I have been playing it the last couple of days since CPR announced its closure.

I’ll be making a new blog post in the coming days to update you… stay tuned!

Mr Max

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4 thoughts on “Club Penguin Rewritten is Shutting Down: What Next…”

      1. sadly, The owners of the server are out of funding for the servers of CPR. This is something they were wiling to do and they sunk every penny into it as it was their hobby and passion.


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