Addressing CP Rewritten’s Recent Events

Hello everyone! I thought I would make a post to explain all of the recent events in Club Penguin Rewritten…

Firstly, and most importantly, CP Rewritten will NOT be closing down! However, the website is currently down and the staff are working on getting it back up as quickly as they can.

Next – a very brief explaination of what has happened today.

There have been four CPR admins running the game – Hagrid, Codey, Stu and Joee. However, earlier today Codey was removed from his position. This is due to a conflict between Codey and the other admins, particularly Joee.

Due to this, there is now a new Twitter account (@CPRSupport) and the old account will no longer be in use.

You can also join the new Discord page.

Stay tuned for more information.

Mr Max

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