New Rails added to the Cart Surfer Game!

This week’s CP Rewritten update means the end of the Winter Fiesta, but luckily there is a brand new Cart Surfer Game Upgrade! Continue reading for all the must-have info!

Earlier this week the CPR staff announced that there would be new rails added to the Cart Surfer game, but until now we’ve had no idea what exactly was going to be involved.

However, we now know that there is a new ‘Hardcore’ mode for the game.

There is also a leaderboard, but this is to be reset every Sunday at 12AM PST! 

There are 4 new stamps available to get from the new Hardcore mode:

Weekly Poll:

Mr Max

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3 thoughts on “New Rails added to the Cart Surfer Game!”

  1. Idk if this only happened on my account but the new cart surfer stamps and the Rory stamp disappeared from my stamp book. Upon further investigation, the cart surfer update disappeared too. Thoughts?


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