Christmas Party Walkthrough: New Pin, Free Items

The 2017 CP Rewritten Christmas Party has ARRIVED! With lots of festive rooms to explore, we have you covered with this complete walk-through!

Image result for christmas party club penguin logo


Step 1: Go to the Ski Village → Ski Lodge

Step 2: Go to the small green present underneath the Christmas tree.

Image result for christmas present pin cp


There are several free items available at the party. The Reindeer Antlers can be found at the Ski Village, and the Bell can be found at the Plaza!

The Santa Sack can be collected once you have completed the Santa Sleigh mini-game, which can be accessed from the top of the Night Club!

And finally, there are 12 free items you can collect from the Advent Calendar at the Forest!

Are you enjoying the Christmas party?! Comment below!

Mr Max

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      1. Hi, we can assure you that we are just fine and won’t stop posting anytime soon! Max and I are quite busy when we aren’t posting around, but rest assured we are still intact to keeping up with CPR’s updates and letting you know as quickly as we can.



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