Operation Blackout: Item Guide

Operation Blackout is HERE, and I have you covered with a complete guide to all the items you can collect for now!

Image result for Operation Blackout CP

A catalog with some special rescue gear can be found at the dock – just click on the leaflet in the bottom right hand corner:

There is a hidden item in this catalog! You can unlock it by clicking on the bottom hole of the pinned note! It unlocks the rappelling gear!

There are also 2 new costumes available through the folder at the top right of your screen (in all rooms)!

The Klutzy and Herbert costumes are both available for purchase!

Are you enjoying Operation Blackout so far? Have you collected all these costumes?

Mr Max

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3 thoughts on “Operation Blackout: Item Guide”

    1. SM, if you don’t get the grappling hook, then it doesn’t work. If you get the grapple, just hit the lever at the top while wearing it and go through the door.


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