Halloween Party Walkthrough + CHEATS

The Halloween Party is FINALLY here, and I’ve got you covered with ALL the cheats!

First things first, you need to collect the Pumpkin Basket from the Haunted House, which you can access via the Forest.

You can also collect the new pin, the Pumpkin Pin, from the Dock!

Next, head to the Book Room and click on the glowing candle stick to unlock a secret passageway. To access the passageway, you need to be wearing the Rad Scientist Costume, which you can buy from the Stage Costume Catalog for a total of 850 coins!

When inside, you will be able to buy some awesome monster costumes!

By clicking on the ‘K’ you can unlock the Raven Wings!

The Toffee Apple candy for the scavenger hunt is also in this room:

The following scavenger hunt items are located:

(Click on the notes and the candy will fall down)

When you finish the scavenger hunt, you will be able to claim the reward – the Halloween Scarf!


You can access the ‘Dark Chamber’ via the forest.

Start by copying the correct code, you will eventually unlock the door.

Grab a lantern and use it to make your way through the maze.

Congratulations! You have sucessfully completed this challenge! Be sure to pick up the free Pile O’ Candy – note: as it is a furniture item you can collect as many as you wish!

And that’s all the cheats for the Halloween 2017 party! What are you making of it? Be sure to COMMENT BELOW!

Mr Max

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11 thoughts on “Halloween Party Walkthrough + CHEATS”

      1. Jess, watch for the colors that come out of the stones in front of the entrance. You have to repeat the colors you see in order on the piano around 5 times. Hope this helps.


  1. Hello! I am wondering if there is any article about the cheats in the Book Room, at the year books.

    Thanks a lot for all the cheats on the catalogs!



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