Wilderness Expedition Walkthrough


Hello, penguins! I hope you all are having a wonderful day.  It’s been a while since I’ve last posted, as Max (wait, you aren’t Max? Nope, I’m actually the owner of this blog!) has been very successful in maintaining the blog during our boom phase, as he even got Penguin of the Week! Wow, I’m so proud of him. Anyways, since we try to post the latest updates as quickly as possible, we post about it as soon as it happens. So while logging on, I noticed the Wildness Expedition had started today, so let’s go over the party cheats, and the new pin location! Continue to read more…

First, let’s pick pin the newest pin. It is the sleeping bag, and you can collect it at the Gift Shop.


Next, head over to the Dock and follow the sign to start.  Collect your free Expedition Hat. If you read the note to the right, it reads “I wonder where these machine parts are from? I’ll follow them.” Continue to follow the path ahead.


You are now lead to a maze. I personally hate mazes, but don’t worry, there are pieces hanging on the trees and rocks that help you along the way. Or, you can follow these simple steps starting from where you are at:

  1. Right
  2. Up
  3. Right
  4. Down
  5. Left
  6. Down
  7. Right

Once you’ve done that, you will make it to the cliff. Here is the tricky part, so listen carefully. In order to operate the machine, you will need to click several parts of it. If you don’t understand a part, please let me know in the comments. I tried to make it as easy as possible to follow because the image would be much more confusing, so I hope it makes sense to everyone.

  1. Click the plug.
  2. Click on the coffee maker with the beans inside.
  3. Click on the handle of the maker. The coffee should be visible.
  4. Click on the coffee itself and it should pour onto the barrel with the green button.
  5. Click the green button.
  6. Click all the switches under the piano.
  7. A piano key should be lit green. Click on all the ones that light up green.
  8. A fire should start. Take it out with a few snowballs.
  9. Click on the green keys on the piano again.
  10. Music should start playing. Click on the green button by the phone.
  11. It should stop. Under the red and green levers, you will see six green tiles. Click on all. Then click the levels itself.
  12. To the right of the levers, click on the wheel.
  13. To the right of the phone, click on the red handle.
  14. Click on the hot sauce. The machine below it should get heated up.
  15. Click on the water tank next to the sauce.
  16. Click on the vent directly below the water tank.
  17. Click on the switch of the toaster. You should see a red target.
  18. Throw snowballs at the target until the barrel comes up. You may now get on it. Here’s how it should look at the end:


Now, you will have the build a boat. First, click on the note on the table to buy the Life Vest and put it on or else you cannot continue without it. Here’s a visual image for reference on how to build the boat. Just put the pieces exactly how they are shown to continue. I’d recommend putting the pieces from left to right, using the big wooden pieces to build the rest of the boat, the two wheels at the side, and everything else inside.


Once you’ve done all that, get on the boat and it will lead you to a cave. Go inside and… hooray! You have reached the Brown Puffle Cave. The expedition is now finished and you can grab a brown puffle house and a brown puffle! To adopt a brown puffle, just click on the note above the “Free” sign. Note: It has come to my attention that some users may experience “Name unavailable” when trying to adopt the puffle. Since it’s happened to me, just keep trying to adopt one until it works.


I adopted one, and I named it Max because it reminds me of an awesome person, the best CPR blogger, and it’s a cool name. What did you guys name yours?


Wow, what an expedition! I remember this party in 2011 back when Club Penguin first introduced brown puffles. I hope you all enjoyed this post, it took me a very long time to make! What do you guys think of this expedition?

Have fun,

-CPR Cheats Team


Author: zippy

I created CPRCheats.com three weeks after CP Rewritten's launch. I usually log on to Zipline whenever I come online.

9 thoughts on “Wilderness Expedition Walkthrough”

  1. when im on the cliff and im done with the thing and i go to the shore it just shows the loading screen and nothing happens and i just have to refresh and i done this like 3 times and it keeps happening


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