Festival of Flight Party Walkthrough + New Pin

CP Rewritten’s latest party, The Festival of Flight, has just launched! And I’ve got you covered with this complete walk through!

Firstly, the new pin is located at the Ski Village!

At the Plaza you can find the Green Propeller Cap – one of the two free items!

At the Forest, you can access the Balloon Ride to go to the Tallest Mountain!

Once the balloon takes off, you will have to wait until the timer runs out to reach your destination.

After arriving, you will be able to waddle over to pick up the Jet Pack.

You can visit the Cove and the Iceberg to see that the Island is in the air!

The Ski Hill has a cloud maker!

At the Dock is the Breeze Maker 3000. If you go stand on the buttons, kites will start flying!

There are also many more decorated rooms, so be sure to check them all out!

What do YOU make of the new party? Are you enjoying it? Comment below!

Mr Max

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