CPR PIN TRACKER: Frog Pin Location

A brand new pin has been added to CP Rewritten. Read on for the location!

Step 1: Go to the Beach.

Step 2: Walk to the Frog pin on the right, and click ‘Yes’ to claim it!

Here’s what it looks like on my player card:

Mr Max

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3 thoughts on “CPR PIN TRACKER: Frog Pin Location”

  1. Card-Jitsu Quiz! My answers:
    1. Card-Jitsu was first launched on November 17, 2008.
    2. The colour of the 6th Ninja Belt is green.
    3. Sensei’s penguin is gray.
    4. February (The Beta) (May was the full release).
    5. 12 is the highest level card number.
    6. Club Penguin stone statues are puffles (old ones it seems).
    7. True.
    8. In total, I can earn 9 belts.
    9. Sensei’s nickname for the penguins he trains is ‘grasshoppers’.
    10. The rank of that card is 6.


  2. Nice guide! This was super helpful for my children, Max and Elenor. They play CP(Club Penguin) about 13 hours a day so stuff like this is SUPER helpful!! I can’t wait to show them!


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