New CPR Free Item & Ice Fishing Time Trial

Yesterday’s CPR update saw a new free item added and the Ice Fishing game upgrade launched! Click ‘Continue Reading’ for all the latest news!

New CPR Free Item

To grab the Umbrella Hat, you can find it located in the Coffee Shop:

Ice Fishing Time Trial

The idea behind the Time Trial is that you have 1 minute and 30 seconds to get as many fish as possible!

I got 14 on my first go! How did you do? Comment below!

Along with this update there are some new Ice Fishing stamps, which you can check out by looking at your Stamp Book! I’ve already got one of the new ones, with just 2 more in total to achieve!


In other news, Card Jitsu coming in August! This comes after “Training coming August” was added to the sign in the bottom right hand corner of the Dojo. Who’s excited for this?!

Mr Max

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