July 2017 EPF Field Ops Walkthrough

This week a brand new EPF Field Ops was released! Click ‘read more’ for the full walk-through!

Step 1: Click your spy phone, which should be flashing red once you’ve logged onto your penguin.

Step 2: Read through the message and click ‘Go There’.

Step 3: Walk to the Field Ops station in the EPF HQ.

Step 4: Read through Gary’s message and press “Accept Field-Op”.

Step 5: Go to the Underground Cave, and walk towards the computer in the bottom right-hand corner.

Step 6: Click on your spy phone, which should now be flashing green.

Complete the mini-game to collect 5 medals!

Did you manage to complete the mini-game and keep the Island safe? Be sure to comment below!

Mr Max

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