New Play at the Stage | Costume Catalog Secrets

Yesterday’s CP Rewritten update included a brand new play at the stage! Read more for all the news and catalog secrets!

The Fairy Fables play has now left the stage, but only to be replaced by ‘The Haunting of the Viking Opera’!

There are two unlockable items from the Costume Catalog. To access both you need to go to the second spread of pages and click on the viking helmet that’s on the play logo.

This will unlock the Red Viking Helmet!

Click ‘Close’ and re-click the same viking helmet 3-4 times to unlock the Blue Viking Helmet!

There are also some other great costumes, so be sure to check them out too!

Here I am in my costume!

What do you think of this new play? What costumes did you buy? Comment down below!

Mr Max

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