How To Get The ‘Go Swimming’ Stamp

The new Penguin Style Catalog update now means you can now get the ‘Go Swimming’ stamp! Continue reading to find out exactly how!

Step 1: Go to the Town → Gift Shop, and open up the new Penguin Style Catalog.

Step 2: Go to the second page, as shown below. Click on the area marked below.

Step 3: Purchase the Blue Duck for 50 coins.

Step 4: Go to the Cove and wear nothing but the Blue Duck.

Step 5: Dance (Press D on your keyboard) to perform the special swimming action.

You will then receive the ‘Go Swimming’ stamp, which is the colour green for easy.

You can view all your stamps by clicking on the Stamp button via your playercard.

Did you manage to get this stamp? How many stamps have you got in total? Comment below!

Mr Max

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