June/July Puffle Furniture Catalog Cheats

Last week the Puffle Furniture Catalog was updated as puffles are now interacting with furniture items in your igloo! Read on for the catalog cheats!

You can find the new puffle furniture catalog in the Pet Shop, which is accessible from the Plaza. When there, just click on the orange book in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

There are lots of new furniture items that you can put in your igloos! My favourite is the scratch tower!

On the second page, click on either the red or black puffle to access the Red/Black puffle houses.

On the fourth page, click on the green birdhouse to access the fish bowl, and the turtle to access the Aquarium.

And that’s all the catalog cheats for now! Be sure to comment down below what your favourite new items are!

Mr Max

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2 thoughts on “June/July Puffle Furniture Catalog Cheats”

  1. I know this entry is a bit old, but there’s also a hidden puffle condo on the right armrest of the salon chair.


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