Migrator’s Arrival along with a new colour vote!

Hello Penguins! Music Jam has just ended, but that doesn’t mean the fun is over! Continue reading to find more about Rockhopper’s arrival and the colour vote!

For about a week now, the Migrator was visible through the telescope of the Beacon, and now, it’s docked at the Beach, waiting for you to check it out! There are also 4 amazing pirate-themed items to buy in the ship’s store, which can be accessed from the main deck, a free Pirate’s Bandana, a Green Parrot, an Adamiral’s Jacket and a furniture item, a Ship in a Bottle! In addition, there is a Crow’s nest room, that can also be accessed from the main deck!

Not only that, CPR released a vote stand at the Dock for you to decide what new colour you want; Maroon, Lavender or Dark Red. the voting will be available until the 5th of July! The results though will be out on the 11th.

Do you like the new available items? Are you looking forward to meeting Rockhopper? Do you like the new possible colours? tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


Lego~CPRewritten Author

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