Mini Competition Results!

Hello there! On my previous post about the new Pin and game, I asked you to guess which room was the picture below taken in.

Continue reading to see who won!

All of you guessed correctly! It’s the Ski Hill! But there can only be one winner. The competitors for the prize are the following:

  1. Salty Pearl
  2. Zeeby
  3. Brad
  4. Atul
  5. Joel
  6. Faitheroni
  7. Survivalist
  8. miranda vega

After a little help from a random decider I came across, the winner is…



Here’s your nice trophy! 😀

You have won:

  • One month ownership on our chat ( ). Meet me on the chat so I can owner you.
  • Personal Guidance on anything you wish about CPR.(Ask on our chat)
  • A chance to hang out with me on CPR!
  • A nice trophy! (it is above)

I will be on chat all day today!

I know they aren’t the best prizes, but I couldn’t think of anything better..Have fun and thanks to everyone who participated!


Lego~CPRewritten Cheats Author

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