Jammin’ Up Music[Music Jam 2017 Walkthrough & New Play in Stage]

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Hello Penguins! After some small delay of a handful of hours, the 2017 Music Jam is finally here, ready to jam us up! There are many great things to do during this party, which will last until the 25th of June. Continue reading for a complete walkthrough!

As great moderator Stu said, this party is a mix. Every mascot will appear, many items are available, either free or for a small amount of coins, and it is extremely fun!

First of all, let’s take a look at the items you can obtain during this party, as I believe this is the thing most of you want. There are 12 in total new items for you to collect.

Collectable Items

The first 7 items are clothes and can be bought from a Merch, which can be found at the Ski Village or at the Snow Forts.

The 8th Item is a pair of maracas and can be collected for free at the cove.

The 9th Item is boombox and can be obtained for free at the rooftop of the dance club, which can be accessed from the dance lounge.

The 10th Item is a Music Jam Shirt and can be collected for free from the backstage, which can be accessed from the dock, or from the casa fiesta, which can be accessed from the ski village. The last two items collectable, the 11th and 12th are also in the backstage, in the “Instruments 4 Sale” Box and are a Blue Snare Drum, a Blue accordion, and the Drum Sticks, which have always been available in the lighthouse though.

New Play at the Stage

Along with the Music Jam, a new play at the stage arrived, called Fairy Fables. Due to that, there are new items in the Costume Trunk. Including them there is a hidden item!

New Postcards

Due to the success of the Music Jam, there are 6 new postcards for you to send to your friends!



  • At the Snow Forts, if you stand on either of the two stages, the performance column will hit the top, making “Totally Awesome” sign to glow.
  • The Forest, Dock, Cove, Beach, Stadium and Coffee Shop have a stage and each represents a theme same to the shirts that can be bought from the Merch. At those stages, if you stand on them, the whole room will hype up and relevant music will start playing. The same happens at the Ice Berg, which is the Penguin Band’s stage.
  • In the Forest, Dock, Cove, Beach, Stadium, Pizza Parlor, Pool, Snow Forts, Music Maker 3000 and Coffee Shop there is an “Applause” button at the bottom right corner of the screen, which when clicked, a big applause can be heard.
  • In the Pool, there is a huge Floor Piano 3000 in which when you step on a note it plays the corresponding sound. There is also a setting whether multiple or single penguins can use it.
  • In the Mine Shack, there is a minigame, in which you have to follow the note sequence shown. 
  • To get into the Rooftop, Casa Fiesta and the Backstage, you need to buy the all access Pass, which can be bought from the Merch at the Snow Forts or Ski Village.
  • There are 2 temporary new rooms, the Music Maker 3000 and the Rooftop. The Music Maker 3000 can be accessed from the Snow Forts. There are 4 tiles in it. If you step on any of them, a chord consisting of the instrument above the tile will be played. The Rooftop can be accessed from the Dance Lounge, and it has a music mixer and a dance floor, as well as a bunch of party stuff!
  • There have been visual changes in the Forest, Lighthouse, Dock, Ice Berg, Ski Village, Snow Forts, Stadium, Cove, Pizza Parlor, Dance Club, Dance Lounge, Pool, Mine Shack and the Coffee Shop.


Special thanks to Survivalist and xPromote for helping around!

Lego~CPRewritten Cheats Author

5 thoughts on “Jammin’ Up Music[Music Jam 2017 Walkthrough & New Play in Stage]”

  1. For some reason no matter how many times I reload or log in the music jam is not here but I can see players with items from it. Any ideas?


    1. Well, it is known that clearing your cache will fix the problem, but as I personally don’t want to lose my data, I just use a browser I never use(Avant in my case). It works. Thanks for commenting! 😀


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