Music Jam Scavenger Hunt Walk-through – New Pin

Hello everyone! I am a new author, called Lego. I will post quite a lot here, so I’m glad I have you guys to read my posts!

On the 7th of June, Club Penguin Rewritten released not only a new pin, but a scavenger hunt for the upcoming Music Jam, which will start on the 14th. In this hunt we have to find 7 musical instruments hidden around the island. I’m here to show you where those items are. Continue reading please!

Scavenger Hunt


The first item is in the Hidden Lake. It’s a violin hidden in the broken aqua grabber vehicle on the bottom left corner. Click on the violin to reveal it, and then click on it again to collect it.


The second item is located in the Gift Shop. It’s a left drum cymbal hidden behind the clothes stands on the top left corner. Click on it to collect it.


The third instrument is in the Lodge Attic. It is a drum kit hidden behind the red couch on the middle left. Click on it to collect it.


The fourth item is located in the Forest. It is a right drum cymbal, hidden behind the wooden construction fence on the top middle. Click on it to collect it.


The fifth item is buried in the Ski Hill. It is an accordion hidden under the “RIDGE RUN” sign. Click on it to reveal it and then click on it again to collect it.


The sixth item is a guitar and can be obtained in the Ski Lodge, but I’d say that it’s hidden in the Ski Village, as it can be found outside the Lodge’s window, on the top left corner. Click on it to collect it.


The seventh and last musical instrument is located quite far away. To collect it, you must head to the beacon, above lighthouse, and click the telescope. Then, you will have a view of the sea and surprisingly, a piano floating in it. Click on it to collect it.

Once you have collected all seven musical instruments, you will be eligible to claim your prize for finding the lost musical instruments for the Penguin Band to practise for their show! The prize is an awesome Penguin Band Background for your profile! Unfortunately, it’s not free, but it costs only 60 coins.

Did you know that during this construction, there have been visual changes in rooms like the Forest, the Lighthouse, the Dock, the Ice Berg, the Ski Village, the Snow Forts, the Stadium, the Cove and the Coffee Shop? It seems like this party is going to be huge! 😀

New Pin

Along with the hunt, a new pin was released, relevant to the Music Jam, as it is a Music Note! This is the 16th pin, and CPR made sure it is very hard to find. To obtain it, head to the Mine and you will find the pin on a rock, on the right side of the mine carts.

Penguin Band Background and Music Note Pin


So, what do you think of this scavenger hunt? Was it easy? Are you looking forward to the upcoming Music Jam? Because I am! Until then, waddle on!

Lego~CPRewritten Cheats Author

8 thoughts on “Music Jam Scavenger Hunt Walk-through – New Pin”

    1. Great notice! I didn’t see that! Indeed the pin is missing, but as far as I know it is yet to go away. I’m not sure what’s up with it though. Thanks for asking!


    2. After some research, I’ve found out that the pin is now blocked, and as the party ends on the 25th, and the new pin will be released on the 21st, unless CPR does something about it, it will not be collectable any more.


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