Mountain Expedition/Operation Hibernation Walkthrough + Shamrock Pin

Hello, penguins! As promised, the mini party we received turned out to be the Mountain Expedition! After this, the confirmed St. Patrick’s Day party will be held on March 17th. Let’s start off with the new pin for the next few weeks, which can be found in the Coffee Shop. Can you spot it? Hint: It’s hidden on a table! Fun Fact: It was also Club Penguin’s very first pin.

Now, on the expedition! Start your journey at the Ski Village.

Make sure to collect your Chilly Trek Hat.


Next up is the tricky part. The goal is to balance the icicles so you can safely pass through. What you should do is take turns clicking on the top and bottom parts of it until they all safely closed. It will take some time, but be patient. You should follow something like this:

When you finally get through, proceed until you get into a room that says “EPF ONLY”.  This is another part of the expedition called “Operation Hibernation” which we will get to after the expedition. Now, move your cursor to the axe on the left to let some snow fall on it. Then click on the leaf multiple times to clear the snow off and then click on the axe. Repeatedly click on the axe to chop the wood off. Finally, throw a few snowballs on the icicles on top until it falls over where you can move on to the top of the mountain!


Hooray! You have completed the Mountain Expedition! Be sure to collect your free flag and background, which you can get by clicking on the camera.


Now is for the special part of the expedition. This part of the expedition can only be bypassed if you are an agent. To become an agent, someone who already is one needs to send you an invitation. If you are an agent, proceed back to the room where it reads “EPF ONLY” and enter it. If you are not an agent, you may disregard this part until you are. Collect your Infrared Tracking Helmet. Put it on afterwards, because for this next part you will need it to progress. If you try to continue without it, you will teleport out of the room. This is is beginning of the Operation Hibernation mission.

Next, you will next to get pass the lasers. This should be fairly easy. Just wait until it goes away to proceed as you move on. In the second maze, make sure you collect the Expedition Key pin. The entrance from this point will be on the top left corner. We should also mention to watch out for the lights on the third maze. Quickly waddle when you see the path is clear to go.


After the maze, you are greeted by a room with Herbert. This is the final part. Listen up closely, because this is very complicated to do. Start by throwing snowballs at all the power boxes (behind Herbert). Gary will give you pieces of glass to trap Herbert in. Starting with the top piece, place the first glass directly in front of Herbert. If you have it placed correctly, it should stick. The second piece you will put to the left of your penguin (the side where the chair is facing). The third you will put behind Herbert, opposite of the front glass.  The last piece will go in the missing space remaining. Next, pick up the red tube and place it through the open space where there is a visible hole. Attach the AC to the tube and… congratulations! You have completed Operation: Hiberation! Here is what the finished product should look like.

As your reward, you will have received the AC 3000 pin and a couple of stamps along the way. Phew, that’s all! You have completed all there is to do in the expedition!

Waddle on!

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I created three weeks after CP Rewritten's launch. I usually log on to Zipline whenever I come online.

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